The North Queensland Natural History Group (NQNHG) has formed to learn, share and enjoy north Queensland’s natural history, and to support the sustainable management of the natural values of the region. NQNHG will share knowledge both among its members and the community at large, including traditional owners, pastoralists, conservation land managers and other interested parties. NQNHG will encourage participation by anyone with a passion for the natural riches of the region.


NQNHG, with ornithologist Ray Pierce, have been successful with a citizen science grant for a 3 year study of a population of Gouldian Finches. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved. Here is the latest update on the project.


We undertake regular field events to properties in North queensland such as Barrabadeen Scout Camp at Lake Tinaroo, Beatrice River Retreat, a property on Walsh River Rd and most recently South Endeavour Station near Cooktown. We have also held two more "field evenings" at Beatrice River Retreat, one for bats and one for insects (although both evenings have yeilded many other interesting finds).

Please contact us to register interest in any of our activities.


Volume 52 (2022) of the North Queensland Naturalist is underway, with thirteen articles available online. Click here for Volume 52 (2022)


Field Work


NQNHG undertakes at least two field events each year to collect and document field data.

Natural History

To share and increase knowledge of the natural attributes of north Queensland