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In the field

This page features many of the field weekends undertaken by the North Queensland Natural History Group in recent years. Please understand that the properties we visit are private properties and not open to the general public. If there is anything you would like to know about these field trips please contact NQNHG, do not contact the property owners

Werrington Field Weekend

The fifth Field Weekend held by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group’s Wildlife Management Project in conjunction with the North Queensland Natural History Group was held at the Werrington Cattle Station and Nature Refuge from 24-27th November.

Werrington is located approximately 290 kilometres west of Townsville and 330 km south-west of Cairns and is situated on the Great Dividing Range at altitudes ranging from about 700 metres up to almost 1000 metres. The nature refuge occupies the range located in the middle of the property and is home to a high diversity of mammals, including Greater Gliders and Spectacled Hare Wallabies as well as many other interesting plants & animals.

There were ten naturalists present for the weekend and we were joined by the station owner, Russell Lethbridge on Saturday, when he took us to some areas of interest on the property. We also visited Emu Swamp on neighbouring Blackbraes National Park.The first task on arrival on the set-up day was to check the location of a recent sighting of a Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). The owners of a nearby station had spotted one crossing the road one evening on a rainy night two weeks prior.

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