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Queensland Gouldian Finch Study


In February 2018, conservation scientist Ray Pierce and birding & wildlife guide Patrick De Geest found a significant Gouldian Finch population in Far North Queensland. Ray and Patrick are now leading the Queensland Gouldian Finch Study in a partnership between Finches Queensland & North Queensland Natural History Group.

The project is designed to increase our understanding of endangered Gouldian Finch ecology and threats in northern Queensland. The project will help train citizen scientists, land managers, and ecotourism staff in collecting information on the Gouldian Finch, their habitat and their food sources. Please see below our regular project updates

The Gouldian Finch Project is funded by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science via a Citizen Science Grant administered by North Queensland Natural History Group.

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government—Queensland Citizen Science Grants

2. Gouldian Finch red-headed male1.JPG

Red-headed Male Gouldian Finch

Gouldian, Masked and Black-throated Finches(1) (1).jpg

Mixed flock of Gouldian, Masked and Black-throated Finches

Adult male.jpg

Adult male Gouldian foraging in a recently burnt area during the storm season, December 2020. At this time of year Gouldians were feeding on the previous season’s seeds, including firegrass, and some new growth including sedges, and insects.   Photo R. Pierce.

feeding area.jpg

Gouldian Finch citizen scientists assessing a Gouldian Finch feeding area during December 2020.


A subadult female moulting late in the Dry, November 2020 Dry. R Pierce.

Jeff and Patrick.jpg

Jeff and Patrick collecting detritus in a Gouldian Finch feeding area late in 2020 Dry. At this stage of the year the Gouldians were feeding mainly on fallen seed such as firegrass and speargrass species. 

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