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History of the Tablelands Frog Club


The Tablelands Frog Club was formed in January 1995 in Yungaburra by a group of people who were aware of diminishing numbers of frogs in all areas and who were keen to learn more about the species in general. From the outset guidance was available from experts in the field. At that time public interest was strong and the Club grew rapidly. Frog enthusiasts joined from as far afield as Adelaide in the south to Weipa in the north. The pooling of Club members’ expertise in various related fields helped the Club to become established and recognised within the community. Membership numbers reached 94 within the first year. On November 1 ,1995, the club became incorporated under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Interest waned by 2010 and in 2011 the club merged with the Cape York Herpetological Society, based in Cairns.

The stated aims of the club were: 



To conserve and encourage the preservation of frogs


To encourage children’s interest in frogs

The Club helped to achieve a better undrstanding of these much overlooked animals by addressing the many problems which threaten the livelihood of these vulnerable creatures by improving knowledge of their habits and habitat, by enhancing their environment and by educating children and the public at large to these issues.


The Club maintained an information database of frog distribution,  provided guidance and knowledge on how to protect and create friendly frog environments and how to set up breeding programmes for common species in the garden.

The TFC met once a month with professional guest speakers and relevant presentations and conducted workshops and field trips with professional guidance. Members were encouraged to participate in general discussion and to introduce items of interest.


The Croaker, the Club’s newsletter, contained scientific information , contributions from both adult and junior members and general business  of the Club. Copies of some of the more recent Croaker editions can be accessed below


The Croaker - newsletter of the Tablelands Frog Club

The electronic version of the Tableland Frog club newsletter was produced by Darren Green from June 2007 to April 2009. Prior to this it was a paper version produced by Chris Tsilemanis - in time we will scan & upload available copies of these.


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