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Eucalypts of north-east Queensland


Angophora – Corymbia – Eucalyptus


“A Field Study of the Eucalypts of North-east Queensland” (2022) by Donald C. Franklin is now available for free download (below).


Red-throated Bloodwood (Corymbia rhodops), found only in north-east Queensland.

This field study includes comprehensive coverage of species present in north-east Queensland – from a little north of Townsville north to Cooktown including islands, inland to Laura, Chillagoe and Georgetown, and south to Cobbold Gorge, Lynd Junction and Paluma.  Includes the Wet Tropics and northern half of Einasleigh Uplands bioregions.


  • 66 species: 52 in detail, 14 marginal species in abbreviated form;

  • 330 pages; more than 800 photographs including of all 66 species;

  • for detailed species: identification, habitat, distribution including detailed map for study area, similar species, where to find the species, conservation status, ecology and biology, many photos;

  • introductory chapters about eucalypts and rainforest, and field characters for identification;

  • written in non-technical language for interested laypeople, field naturalists and students.

You are welcome to download and print a copy for private or professional use.

Printing of multiple copies, commercial use, or posting on another web-site may only be undertaken with written permission – see copyright statement in the manuscript.


This is the Contents of the field study.



Front end – Introduction – Eucalypts & rainforest – Field characters (14 MB)

The Species – explanatory notes – Angophora – Corymbia (51 MB)

The Species – Eucalyptus (73 MB)

Locations – Index of common names (2 MB)


(Large download is due to the many photographs.)

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