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The Eucalypts of north Queensland with Dr Don Franklin

Rough-leaved Bloodwood Corymbia setosa

The Eucalypts of north Queensland


A project by Don Franklin and Deb Bisa covering the eucalypts occurring in the Wet Tropics and northern Einasleigh Uplands north to Cooktown and Laura and west to Cobbold Gorge, Georgetown and beyond Chillagoe.


Eucalypt trees (Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Angophora) dominate the terrestrial landscapes of the study area except where displaced by rainforest, and even there they’re often surprisingly common. Yet getting to know them is a challenge, with many species being superficially – or in some cases really – similar. One Angophora, 27 Corymbia and 40 Eucalyptus species are known from the study area.

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