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Rupert Russell

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Wonderful insights into the private lives of Northern Yellow-bellied Gliders (Petaurus australis brevirostrum). Rupert shares his many encounters with the species, in particular through following two family groups in Gilbey Forest near Herberton for more than six years. With patience and perception Rupert became familiar with these two groups which went about their nocturnal business as if he wasn’t there. Rupert also recounts the challenge of monitoring a population of these gliders in a remote part of the upper Daintree River catchment, and describes how these north Queensland gliders gained formal recognition as a distinct subspecies.


Published in 2023, this is a remarkable work that should inspire field naturalists and inform students and professionals alike. The 77-page book is lavishly illustrated and is available here as a free download. You are welcome to print a copy for private use.

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